Rudest World Cup headline ever

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June 19: Leran, France. The England team’s problems in the World Cup have been as nothing compared to the disastrous performance of the French.

Events took a nosedive when L’Equipe made a headline of the insult Nicolas Anelka flung at the coach Raymond Domenech after he was substituted in the team’s 2-0 defeat against Mexico. For those who don’t speak the language, it reads “Go and get yourself fucked up the arse, you dirty son of a whore”. And, yes, it was on the front page. English redtops really need to up their game when it comes to profanities.


Ironwork with pizzazz

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June 18: Lavelanet, France. Spotted this grille as we cycled into town for the market, arriving just as it was winding down.
One stallholder who was still there was a man with a bucket full of live trout demonstrating to a wide-eyed little boy how he dispatches the fish with a few brisk thwacks to the head with a small lathe of wood. “Voila, il est tres, tres mort!” he explained.

Some enchanted avenue

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June 17: Leran. When you go for a walk round town to get your bearings and come across an avenue like this, so typical of France south of Toulouse, you realise that you really have spent too many months in the city – and maybe in England for that matter.

Frappez la rue

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June 16: somewhere between Calais and Chartres. Met up with my friends John and Nicky in Dover and, after crossing the Channel, started the long drive south to their home in Leran. Interesting how something as mundane as a petrol station can look remarkably different from one country to the next.

I’ve come about your elephant

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June 15: Royal Army Hospital, Chelsea, London SW1. Spent the day cycling all over London as a volunteer for the Elephant Parade. I can now add “elephant repairman” to my CV. How cool is that?

Enforced break

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July 24: Haven’t posted for more than a month because my camera stopped talking to my computer and my computer stopped talking to my camera. Left in call centre/help desk hell for days while the respective manufacturers blamed each other for the fault. Then, just when I was at the point of despair, the machines decided to make it up and be friendly.

Cut down to size

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June 14: Clapham Road, London SW9. For the past couple of years this house has been slightly taller than its neighbours as the developer cheekily added an extra floor to the building while doing it up. Council planning officers were having none of it and ordered the building be restored to its original size, a task that has only just happened.